Francisco Vargas Collection

The Nelly Furtado collection from the fan Francisco Vargas from Chile. Check out his collection:

- Whoa, Nelly!
- Whoa, Nelly! (UK Version)
- Whoa, Nelly! (Special Edition)
- Whoa, Nelly! (Special Asian Edition)
- Folklore
- Folklore (Special Latin Edition)
- Loose
- Loose (Slidepack)
- Loose (Limited Int. Tour Edition)
- Loose (Limited Summer Edition)
- Loose (The Concert)
- Mi Plan
- The Best Of: Nelly Furtado (Super Deluxe Edition)

CD's Singles:
- I'm Like A Bird (UK Single)
- I'm Like A Bird (Australian Single)
- Turn Off The Light (UK Single)
- Turn Off The Light (Australian Single)
- Turn Off The Light (Single Promo UK)
- On The Radio (UK Single)
- On The Radio (Australian Single)
- Hey, Man! (Promo Single)
- Whoa, Nelly! (Album Sampler)
- Whoa, Nelly! (UK Album Sampler)
- Powerless (UK Single)
- Powerless (Radio Promo Single Card-sleeve)
- Try (UK Single)
- Força (European Single)
- Selections From The New Album: Folklore
- Maneater (Radio Promo Single)
- Maneater (UK Single)
- Maneater (USA Single)
- Promiscuous (UK Single)
- No Hay Igual (Radio Promo Single)
- All Good Things (UK Single)
- All Good Things (Radio Promo Card-sleeve)
- Say It Right (Radio Promo UK)
- Say It Right (Single Promo Card-sleeve)
- Te Busque (Mexican Single)
- Te Busque (Single Pure Germany)
- In God's Hands (Radio Promo Card-sleeve)
- In God's Hands (UK Single)
- Do It (USA Single)
- Do It (Radio Promo Card-sleeve)
- Manos Al Aire (Radio Promo Card-sleeve)

- Loose: The Concert
- Loose Mini DVD

- Turn Off The Lights (Remixes)
- Loose
- Promiscuous (Remixes)

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